Hillside is currently supporting the following Missionaries:

Carol Magnusson with International Training Partners 
David & Phyllis Enns with World Team-RBMU International in Singapore
Robert & Katherine Rodgers with N.I.C.E. in Lacey, WA
Valen & Carol Straley with InterAct Ministries in Kamloops, British Columbia

As well as the following Missions:

Camas Meadows Bible Camp in Cashmere, WA
 N.I.C.E.-Northwest Independent Church Extension in Sumner, WA
Plateau Outreach Ministries in Enumclaw, WA
Rainier Hills Young Life in Enumclaw, WA

This Week’s Missionary Focus:

Rainier Hills YoungLife Celebrates 40 Years on the Plateau!

“In 1980 a group of goofy, wild, Young Life-experienced, Jesus-lovin’ adults, with a heart for kids decided it was time to start YoungLife on the Plateau. Today, FORTY years later, here we are.  

We are still going after the furthest kid out.  We are still at football and baseball games; volleyball, tennis and water polo matches; at school plays and student body elections.  We are still Jesus lovin’. We are still goofy, wild and FUN; dorky and rarely, but sometimes kids even think we’re COOL!  

Over the years we have had many old and new volunteer leaders, student leaders, and committee members (and some of those are presently attending Hillside).  Adults from all over our community come to us saying “Oh, I went to Malibu when I was in high school — still the best week of my life.”  We can’t make this stuff up!

We are beyond grateful for the volunteer leaders, committee members, donors, students, staff members, and supporters of Rainier Hills Young Life over the years.  And we are honored to be a part of a mission that does what it does better than any others. Thanks for being with us now and for the past 40 years!”

Please uphold Rainier Hills YoungLife as they minister to the youth on the Plateau. Pray God’s encouragement and perseverance for all of the leaders and volunteers.