Hillside is currently supporting the following Missionaries:

Carol Magnusson with International Training Partners 
David & Phyllis Enns with World Team-RBMU International in Singapore
Brenda Ziska with G.E.M.-Greater Europe Mission in Austria
John & Mel Bjorgen with Converge Worldwide-BGC in Guadalajara, Mexico
Michael & Athena Kantartjis with One Challenge in Athens, Greece
Robert & Katherine Rodgers with N.I.C.E. in Lacey, WA
Valen & Carol Straley with InterAct Ministries in Kamloops, British Columbia

As well as the following Missions:

Camas Meadows Bible Camp in Cashmere, WA
 N.I.C.E.-Northwest Independent Church Extension in Sumner, WA
Plateau Outreach Ministries in Enumclaw, WA
Rainier Hills Young Life in Enumclaw, WA

This Week’s Missionary Focus:

Howie and Jo-Ann Brant, ” Retired” Missionaries will be spending the next 4 months in Ethiopia, traveling, teaching  speaking, ministering in the area where Howie’s parents took the Gospel 71 years ago to the Gurage people.  They were with SIM (originally Sudan Interior Mission, then Serving in Mission).

They leave January 14th arriving in Ethiopia, January 16th.  They will then go to the top of Ambaricho Prayer Mountain via helicopter to share in the “Day of Prayer for the Nations” with about 100,000 participants.  The rest of the month involves preaching, Pastor’s Training Seminar, meeting with pastor’s in the Gurage area, and teaching courses at the Gurage Bible School.

February includes a blessing at a Bible School teachers wedding; mediation at a Peace-making Conference between two hostile groups.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to move among these Christians so they can lead their own people to peace.

March will have builders coming to the Bible School to expand facilities (pray for safety as they work for a month to make desks, benches, clothes closets, and bunk beds).

April they will finish teaching at the Bible College and then fly to Amman, Jordan, to visit daughter, Lisa and family.  Lisa and Howie will fly to Turkey and retrace the footsteps  of Paul on his first missionary journey.  Arrive back in the US April 30th. They ask for prayer for stamina, a hearing ear, and also health.