Hillside is currently supporting the following Missionaries:

Carol Magnusson with International Training Partners 
David & Phyllis Enns with World Team-RBMU International in Singapore
Brenda Ziska with G.E.M.-Greater Europe Mission in Austria
John & Mel Bjorgen with Converge Worldwide-BGC in Guadalajara, Mexico
Michael & Athena Kantartjis with One Challenge in Athens, Greece
Robert & Katherine Rodgers with N.I.C.E. in Lacey, WA
Valen & Carol Straley with InterAct Ministries in Kamloops, British Columbia

As well as the following Missions:

Camas Meadows Bible Camp in Cashmere, WA
 N.I.C.E.-Northwest Independent Church Extension in Sumner, WA
Plateau Outreach Ministries in Enumclaw, WA
Rainier Hills Young Life in Enumclaw, WA

This Week’s Missionary Focus:

Michael and Athena Kantartjis, with One Challenge, in Athens, Greece, are always so uplifting in their newsletters in spite of the very dire situation in Greece.  He shares the following.

“It is impossible for God to let us be exposed to the world because we spend much time in prayer.  The Lord is the Lord for ALL.  He is the Lord of the time, the Lord of our work, the Lord of our obligations, the Lord of our family, friends, and even our enemies.  When we give our best to Him, it is impossible for Him not to give us a hundred and more times.

“So, let us leave aside our excuses and throw ourselves in seeking the Lord for long, wonderful times of fellowship with Him.  Very soon, we will see His grace, His mercy, His love, and His power in our lives in an unbelievable way.

“We praise the Lord for a number of faithful women who are always present at our meetings, even when they don’t feel well, they will come.  Some of them are old but their zeal and love for the Lord and our fellowship are amazing.

“We praise the Lord for the laymen who distribute our newspaper and booklets.  People are impressed as we present the gospel in a clear way.  The newspaper and the booklets are the best way of evangelizing.  We see great results. We thank the Lord.   “The Lord continues to bless His work.  Praise the Lord!”