Hillside is currently supporting the following Missionaries:

Carol Magnusson with International Training Partners 
David & Phyllis Enns with World Team-RBMU International in Singapore
Brenda Ziska with G.E.M.-Greater Europe Mission in Austria
John & Mel Bjorgen with Converge Worldwide-BGC in Guadalajara, Mexico
Michael & Athena Kantartjis with One Challenge in Athens, Greece
Robert & Katherine Rodgers with N.I.C.E. in Lacey, WA
Valen & Carol Straley with InterAct Ministries in Kamloops, British Columbia

As well as the following Missions:

Camas Meadows Bible Camp in Cashmere, WA
 N.I.C.E.-Northwest Independent Church Extension in Sumner, WA
Plateau Outreach Ministries in Enumclaw, WA
Rainier Hills Young Life in Enumclaw, WA

This Week’s Missionary Focus:

David and Phyllis Enns with World Team

In late Summer we had the privilege of having David and Phyllis Enns with World Team speak at Hillside.  David spoke of their re-entry to their passport country (for them it is Canada); feelings of disorientation and foreignness; but what a gift of being back with their family, a source of strength and guidance for them.

They have been able to reunite with  co-workers, friends, and relatives on both sides of the family.  A big focus has been buying a house with their daughter, Maria, in Lethbridge.  They thank the Lord for the house He has provided through their family realty expert, their daughter, Carissa.  Their prayer is that it will be a caring place for many in the years to come.

On January 16, 2019, they will be leaving on a 4-month trip to Asia.  They are restricted to leaving Canada for only 4 months at a time, so must break up their time in Asia accordingly.

They have two requests for prayers: In November, GIDI, the church association in Papua will have their 5-year gathering, primarily to elect a new leadership. Pray that God would direct in the preparations, speakers, reports, and election of new officers.  Pray that the brethren would seek God’s will, and not succumb to human politicking.

Secondly, pray for a niece and nephew going through serious health issues.  Pray for the families, that they will know God’s peace during this time.

David and Phyllis are grateful as we partner with them through gifts and prayers.