Hillside is currently supporting the following Missionaries:

Carol Magnusson with International Training Partners 
David & Phyllis Enns with World Team-RBMU International in Singapore
Brenda Ziska with G.E.M.-Greater Europe Mission in Austria
John & Mel Bjorgen with Converge Worldwide-BGC in Guadalajara, Mexico
Michael & Athena Kantartjis with One Challenge in Athens, Greece
Robert & Katherine Rodgers with N.I.C.E. in Lacey, WA
Valen & Carol Straley with InterAct Ministries in Kamloops, British Columbia

As well as the following Missions:

Camas Meadows Bible Camp in Cashmere, WA
 N.I.C.E.-Northwest Independent Church Extension in Sumner, WA
Plateau Outreach Ministries in Enumclaw, WA
Rainier Hills Young Life in Enumclaw, WA

This Week’s Missionary Focus:

David and Phyllis Enns with World Team Mission-Papua, Indonesia

March 17, 2019 — Torrential rains in the Sentani Province of Papua, Indonesia, caused torrential flooding and massive mudslides, killing at least 58 people.  This is where David and Phyllis live.

David said that it has been over a month now and for many of us, the floods are history.  For others, the suffering continues.  He said he drove a lady who works at one of the mission homes near us down to the main road.  He asked whether she had been affected by the flood, and she told him that 19 members of her extended family had perished. Such a suffering is beyond me.

Please pray for her, and others like her.

They have helped in a limited way in the flood clean-up and have continued in the teaching opportunities that have opened up for them.  David was involved in sharing and teaching at the Mission Center in Dekai, a 45-minute flight from Papua. It was a privilege to serve those who have committed themselves to reaching the unreached with the gospel.  The past two weeks he has been privileged to bring leadership training to the GIDI leadership team and also to share on prayer during their annual conference.

Pray for David and Phyllis as they are in  Singapore May 11-21 to spend time with dear friends, and May 21st as they return to Canada.  They would so appreciate your prayers as they talk with GIDI and World Team both in Papua and Canada about their future plans.

Take a few minutes for yourselves and your children to look up Papua, Indonesia, Sentani Province, on the internet, to get a perspective on their location.  They have also spent years in Sri Lanka and in Singapore.