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Pastor Dan Duncan

I’m Dan Duncan, the teaching elder at Hillside Community Church. I have the privilege of teaching the Word of God most Sunday mornings. As an elder, I also shepherd and care for this body of Christ.

How did I come to this delightful place in life? It started in the summer of “73.”A high school buddy had just received Christ as his Savior. As Tom began to share about his decision with me, I could not believe my buddy had been duped! I began doing my research so I could straighten Tom out. In the process of reading and studying, I came to the conclusion that Jesus was God in the flesh, and I had better do something about it. It was at that moment that I slid off my bed and asked Christ into my life.

As I went off to college in the fall, I went about my Christian walk much the same way as I lived my life before I came to faith. You see, I have a cleft lip and palate, so it seemed that I always felt inferior. I was always seeking to prove myself and to excel to gain approval. Whether I was involved in student activities, athletics or the classroom, I was striving to prove myself. This striving was exhausting, and no matter how much I did, those around me could never appreciate me enough! I was an empty cup always needing to be filled up. I finally realized that the Christian life was not about gaining human approval, but simply knowing and abiding in Christ. Moment by moment, as I seek to know Christ, I am where I need to be.

It is His power working in and through me, sometimes even despite me, which gave me the freedom to see my need to be genuine. Growing up, emotions and showing vulnerability were not safe. But God has called me to be whole – mind, body, soul, and emotions! I again was (and am constantly) required to come to the end of my own resources and agendas. This is difficult for me, but necessary, in order to be truly genuine to my wife, sons, and congregation.

Daily, God teaches me and draws me into deeper dependence upon Him. Constantly learning and growing, I have a long way to go, but it is an exciting journey. A journey I invite you to join me in, either by visiting us here at Hillside Community, and/or coming to trust Jesus to come into your life to save you and to live in you and through you.

You can read my full biography here.

Dan Duncan
Pastor – Hillside Community Church