Pastor Dan Duncan’s Biography

I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, but attended college at the University of Utah (long story). But as a young believer in Christ, I was immediately challenged at this largely Mormon campus. I was forced to think through what I believed, and why, which resulted in a well thought-out theology that interacted with real life.

From there I served on the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ, who trained me and gave me many opportunities to fail, then grow, from those experiences. What I brought with me from my time on staff was a love for people and a desire to see the lost saved and the saved being fruitful.

While on staff with Crusade, my wife and I had the opportunity to teach English in Cairo, to Egyptian nationals. We were overwhelmed with their hospitality and they taught me what it meant to be community.

We returned to the United States to teach and coach, which again brought real life together with my theology. In 1984, I began training youth pastors how to reach the community colleges in their communities. I was privileged to work with many good people from many denominations. This sharpened my convictions of what is truly “Christian,” and core to the faith. My convictions were strengthened and put into practice in my travels into Eastern Europe to teach educational seminars with the Co-Mission.

Now, as husband, father and pastor, I am reminded daily that I need Christ to live and love in me and through me. Life is not meant to be lived by our own resources.