Who We Are

Hillside Community Church is an independent, non-denominational,  bible church located in Enumclaw, Washington. We are an affiliate of IFCA.

We began as Country Bible Church  in 1956.  In 1988 due to sin, the church body was divided and part of the congregation was led to establish a new body, Grace Bible Church.  In the summer of 2002, the Lord led both congregations to seek His direction on rejoining as one body, and by His grace we became one body again in August.  Many times in the Bible, when the Lord changed a person’s heart, He also changed their name as a witness to what He had done.  In March of 2003 we changed our name to Hillside Community Church as a witness to what the Lord has done in our midst.

The emphasis of our ministry at Hillside Community is reaching out to others through a small group ministry.  In a small group ministry there is an opportunity to study the word, encourage, support and share the needs of one another in a less formal setting.  Visitors, friends, neighbors and those seeking to know more about Christ are encouraged to attend these gatherings.  Small groups are also places where future leaders in the body are identified and developed.

The focus at Hillside Community is that all we are and do is because Christ is the head of our local body and is living His life out through us individually and corporately as we yield to the work of the Holy Spirit in conforming us to His image.  God the Father is continuing His work in us so that daily we are learning to be more and more dependent on the life of the resurrected Jesus as our very life.

Our worship service includes both the traditional aspects of music and teaching, as well as a time for sharing needs and praying for one another.  We desire to make our worship service a place where visitors feel lovingly welcomed and at home.